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Terayon cable modems earn DOCSIS 2.0 certification

TJ 715 cable modem family certified by the CableLabs R&D consortium

Terayon Communications (Nasdaq:TERN) announced on Friday that two models of its TJ 715 cable modem family have been certified by the CableLabs research and development consortium as meeting DOCSIS 2.0 (Data Over Cable Service Interface Specification).

DOCSIS 2.0 is the latest version of the specification for cable data systems, Terayon said.

Terayon's TJ 715 cable modem family consists of two models: the current version, which was certified to DOCSIS 2.0 on Friday, and a new model based on the company's more advanced 6130 chip and which was also DOCSIS 2.0 certified.

Terayon's TJ 715 cable modems can be combined with any DOCSIS CMTS to provide a complete broadband access system from the cable operator's headend to the subscriber's home.

"These modems complement our DOCSIS 2.0 qualified BW 3500 Cable Modem Termination System and allow Terayon to continue offering a complete and end-to-end DOCSIS 2.0 cable data system," commented Zaki Rakib, Terayon's CEO. "DOCSIS 2.0 certification for our newest TJ 715 is particularly significant for Terayon as it validates the engineering effort that went into our 6130 processor, which is significantly more advanced and integrated than its predecessors."

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